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GLOBAL LOGISTICS PROFILE Officially at the helm as president and CEO since July 1, 2016, Patrick J. Ottensmeyer is optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead for Kansas City Southern. With a history steeped in vision and tradition, and performance improvement set in motion by his CEO predecessor, Ottensmeyer is focused on growth through key business relationships and a strategically positioned network. Gone are the days when KCS' only customers were those with physical plants located alongside the tracks. With strategic partnerships throughout the continent, KCS is poised and ready to extend its reach and serve customers even an ocean away. While other railroads may be larger, the size of the network is hardly a barrier. Ottensmeyer is focused on growth through relationships with other rail carriers, transloaders, ports, the communities we serve, and of course, customers. He prides himself on being engaged with all facets of the supply chain and running the railroad that connects the rest of North America to Mexico. The shift for Ottensmeyer has been from his roots growing up in the heart of the Midwest to the heartlands of Mexico. He grew up in Indiana and graduated from Indiana University with a degree in finance. After college, he went into corporate banking, first with National Bank of Detroit and then to Security Pacific. This is where he honed relationship skills that have carried forward to his current role as president and chief executive at KCS. From banking he transitioned into the rail industry, working for Santa Fe Pacific and then continuing in the same role for BNSF following the merger in 1995. He later moved into specialty pharmaceuticals for a short time, before joining KCS as chief financial officer in 2006. Recognizing both a gap in KCS' executive team and a personal development opportunity, Ottensmeyer moved from chief financial officer to chief marketing officer in 2008, where he served until moving first to president in 2015 and then president and chief executive in 2016. "KCS has come such a long way," Ottensmeyer said. "I credit my predecessor, Dave Starling, for all the progress, which took place under his watch. We're in a better financial condition than ever before. Our growth prospects are terrific. From the outside, you can see the improvements we've made in terms of metrics -- share price, earnings growth, operating ratio, etc. What you can't see if you're not here every day, is that we also have a first-rate team with great chemistry who are dedicated to our growth strategy." Strategic Positioning, Relationships Key to KCS Growth PATRICK J. OTTENSMEYER PRESIDENT AND CEO, KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN

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